A Word of Explanation

(1 of 3) Posing with my Dad and Mom in the front room of our home in Silver Spring. Sometime in the late 1940's.
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"Grandpa Charlie's Journey" began many years ago as a short series of "Letters to Zach", my older grandson.  With the passage of time and the arrival of three more grandchildren, I decided to expand the letters and create a book for each child.  By Christmas 2003, the book had become a substantial work.  Copies were my gift that year to each child --- also to my sons and several close friends.

One of those friends, Bruce Marr, suggested that an internet version might be a worthwhile project.  My son Mike agreed and he created the framework for this cyberspace version that you are now reading.  His help has been invaluable.

My wife Carolyn's help has been invaluable, too.  Without her friendship and love for more than 30 years, much of the "journey" would never have been made.  And it certainly would not have been as much fun nor as satisfying.

Finally, a posthumous word of thanks to my parents Ruth and Gus Brailer is in order.  Life was not always easy for them.   They lived through some turbulent times --- the Depression and the World War.  They were not wealthy.  But they managed to provide a good home for me.  They gave me a high regard for books and learning.  They gave me love but they didn't smother me with it.   And most importantly, by example they taught the importance of honesty and honor.  If Gus and Ruth Brailer gave their word on something, it was a done deal!

I'm proud of them.  I hope they were proud of me.